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How We Can Help You Sell Your Yacht

It’s never fun to part with a yacht you have enjoyed so much, but there is a time for it.

Selling a boat can be complex and we will work hard to facilitate this process. We will protect and promote your interests as we communicate with potential buyers and their brokers. We will take care of all the administrative procedures, legalities and and documentation throughout the process.

  1. Often taking care of relatively small things that make the boat more attractive will play a big roll in the sale of the vessel. We will help you to take care of this in the most inexpensive way.
  2. Having current market and extensive vessel knowledge, as well as access to the prices of all recently sold boats, we will help you decide on the most beneficial asking price.
  3. Advertising, promoting and showing the boat is next and that is what Denison does best. For examples of one of our walk-through videos:  Example 1    Example 2
  4. Having been on countless sea trials and surveys, Grant’s experience will count to make sure the boat is ready and things run smoothly to facilitate the completion of the sale.
  5. We make sure all paperwork is taken care of for you to sign and thereafter you will soon be satisfied to have an incoming wire to your account - and hopefully in preparation for your next boating adventure!

Best Seller: Denison Yachting

1. Denison Yachting is the Global Leader in web marketing and advertises on over 35 MLS and Yachting websites.

2. Active email list of over 25,000 yacht owners and over 50,000 You Tube subscribers.

3. Our sales figures have more than tripled since 2004.

4. We are a huge, well-connected firm, providing our clients with reliable services in everything from trade-ins, financing and insurance to yacht training, dockage, upgrades and repairs.

5. SEO - Type in almost any yacht brand on the internet and find the Denison Yachting website as a primary option with links to our listings.

6. The Denison family has sold more yachts over 70 feet than any other family in the industry

7. Company growth to 21 Marina Offices stretched out across the country

Denison yachting is committed to aggressive marketing on all major fronts: Print Advertising, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Direct Mail, Boat Shows, Email Marketing and Public Relations

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