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Big Boat Confidence Learning Center

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We created this course primarily because of the enjoyment we have in seeing people gain confidence in operating a yacht. Along with these hands-on classes Discover Yachting 365 also offers Standard Proficiency Certificates for Insurance Providers.

When it comes to choosing a boat : A listening ear with some experience is vital to saving you time and money, to help you avoid pitfalls and to guide you through the options. It is important to select the right starting boat for you and your family.

Some Captain's Training on your boat will then increase your confidence and knowledge on the water, and it will decrease the errors you would make.

Big Boat Confidence
Big Boat Confidence

Yachting - Annualized Expense Spreadsheet

One of the first questions people ask is "How much money do I need to set aside in order to own a yacht?"

We have designed a Generalized Annual Expense Spreadsheet by boat size that will help you correctly prepare.

Below you can request a copy to be emailed to you in Numbers or Excel Format.


Introduction to Yachting:

We offer a Complimentary Introduction on a 50ft motor yacht - which will include a tour of the yacht and a walk through of some basics, including how to dock a boat and tie some lines.

Being on a boat is a good place to have a Q & A , where topics naturally arise from curiosity. And we will likewise be able to ask you questions in order to help us understand what type of boat would serve you best.



Below you can reach out to request one of the following:

A) Annual Yacht Expense Spreadsheet

B) Free Intro on a boat


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